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About Agric Online Store

AGRIC ONLINE STORE (AOS) serves as a middle-agent between agribusinesses (buyers and sellers) for the marketing system. AOS operates leading online and mobile platform for agric retail and wholesale trade. It is an electronic platform that offers huge opportunities for agribusinesses to overcome challenges in connecting with local and international markets. It uses web application to market farm products such as rice, fish and fishery products, livestock products, tubers, grains, oil palm, vegetables and so on.

Mission Statement

AOS's mission is to become the world premier online provider of B2B of agribusiness.

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Agric Online Store is an online platform that links all kinds of people in the Agribusiness with the intention of creating easy access to both the sellers and their potential buyers. You are hereby adviced and encouraged to make your proper findings of any business transaction before you pay for any product or service. Agric Online Store Limited and all her partners will not be liable for any loss of money or product which may result in the course any transaction.