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Agric Online Store (AOS) is a dedicated online platform that links farmers to their prospective buyers. The primary aim of this AOS is to bring farmers and buyers to a common ground where they can interact in order to carryout business transaction.
It is important to go through all the step by step instructions listed below so as to enable you master how to use Agric Online Store platform. Below are the step by step instructions:-
  To use Agric Online Store, you need to create either Merchant or Personal Account.
The Merchant Account is designed for farmers or smart entrepreneurs who may be interested in creating and managing a personalized online store where they can sample their products and services.  To create account you must obtain AOS Card just for a token of N2,500.00 (Two thousand five hundred naira) only valid for 24 months (Two years).
  AOS Personal Account is complete free of charge and it is designed for those who are only interested in buying products from AOS platform.
  How to create a merchant account
  To create a Merchant Account, simply click the ‘Create Merchant Account’ link from the home page or any page the link may appear.
Enter Access Code
Enter phone
Choose password
It is assumed you have already obtained the AOS Card. Enter the 10 digit numbers in the Enter Access Code text field and enter your phone number in the Enter phone textfield then choose a password. If all the parameters are correctly entered the platform will automatically send a ‘PHONE VERIFICATION CODE’ as an sms to the phone number you entered and redirect the user to the Account Verification page.
    A merchant account gives you access to create an online store where you can sell and buy products. Create Account.

    If you are only interested in shopping online you need to create a personal account. It is limited to online shopping. Create Account.


    The Agric Online Store Ltd is holding their stake holders meeting on the 24th March, 2015.

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Agric Online Store is an online platform that links all kinds of people in the Agribusiness with the intention of creating easy access to both the sellers and their potential buyers. You are hereby adviced and encouraged to make your proper findings of any business transaction before you pay for any product or service. Agric Online Store Limited and all her partners will not be liable for any loss of money or product which may result in the course any transaction.